" We offer accurate services delivered in a speedy and simple manner "

Our work credo is embodied in our various services which includes :


and consultants

ICLaw lawyers and consultants are very experienced in a strongly connected areas such as: regulations, policies and government administration protocols, foreign and domestic investment, financial projects, intellectual property rights, corporate commercial and social issues, state-owned companies (BUMN), courts, labour issues, industrial relations, national and international business transactions, commercial disputes, as well as alternative dispute settlement and litigation.

ICLaw people working both in Indonesian and English, understands very well the culture and character of the Indonesian people and government in the way they do business, engage in cultural and social activities, and solve their problems as well as their work habits and consumer behaviour.


of legal opinions

Provision of legal opinions, problem-solving advice, and management of legal issues by considering aspects of simplicity, the possibility of consensus and mutual agreement, certainty, time eciency, and conflict anticipation.


and updating clients

Informing and updating clients regularly on the impacts of the law, either directly or indirectly, upon the occurrence of a change in laws, both on national and international levels, the issuance of new government regulations, court rulings, and important events that are happening in the country and related regions. This information is presented in the form of law clinics, seminars, newsletter, papers on special issues, and research papers.