Scope of Work

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Transactions handling

for the corporate actions

By among others providing legal opinion, legal advise and/or assistance for the actions of corporations/companies, preparing the general meeting of shareholders and/or transactions related to an amendment, sales and purchase of shares, shares subscription agreement, mergers and acquisitions, and consolidation and liquidation.

Drafting and review

the commercial agreements in general

Such as sales contracts, marketing contracts, distribution agreements, franchise agreements, management service agreements, lease agreements.

Drafting and review

the business agreements in the areas of specific businesses

Such as operational cooperation agreements (KSO), joint venture (JV) agreements, technical assistance contracts, production sharing contracts, the Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) contracts, Built, Operate, and Transfer (BOT) agreements, Project Management Consultant (PMC) agreements, the O & M (Operation and Maintenance agreement), transmission and transportation system agreements, and technology license agreements.

Handling labor

or industrial relations issues

Drafting and/or reviewing employment agreements, company regulations, collective bargaining agreement, assess legal compliance and due diligence, represent and assist management in bipartite negotiation between management and worker and/or trade union and institutions for the settlement of industrial relations disputes (mediation or conciliation or employment, arbitration, industrial relation court, appeals in supreme court, reviews on final and binding verdict in supreme court).

Handling transactions

and legal issues in the telecommunication service industry

Such as dealing with an Internet Service Providers (ISPs), hosting providers, BTS (Base Transceiver Station), and handing the preparation and review of data protection agreements, data sharing and usage agreements, service level agreements, network service agreements, including financial technology and its related issues.

Conducting legal

due diligence on the client’s request

To determine corporate actions that will be implemented, and provide legal opinion and/or legal advice on the transaction and the problems faced by the client.

Handling transactions

and preparing the documentation for the establishment or change of ownership

On Foreign Investment Companies (PMA) and Local Investment Companies (PMDN) as well as assist clients

Handling and preparing

documentations in purchase and sale or acquisition of land and buildings

Including mediation and negotiation as well as assisting clients in implementing the transfer of land rights.

Conducting legal studies

and research

Including the preparation of academic papers, and lobbying to related parties are required in the preparation of draft legislation.

Organizing seminars,

workshops on special issues of law and training on legal skills.